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who say that exam is over?!!

it's totally true to say that our

examination juz like a drama,,that to be continued from day to day....

and for us ,, the episode will end
before holiday of hari raya..

but i'm quit scare if we (me, pieqa, della, syam and hannah)

will be back at saturday .. who knows?!!

what ever ,, the most important thing

is that trial sbp is over

but julang coming up next and it already

started today.. the question quit easier than

trial sbp and kind

of happy to answer that question..

hehehe,, always wishing for a!!

okayh,, i have something bad to say

but i don't to say it too much but it such a funcking damn

thing... and i hope kak ekey please stop

doing that stupid useless thing...

really,, really please... that guy is nothin at all to

be accept and all of this is your plan ..

for your information i don't wanna involve with anymore..

i only want someone that i really want

and i already find that person.. please stop it !!

more over i wnat to focus on my study..

ahah! for the coming raya..

kind of excited to go back home...

miss you all my family...

and i hope this year will be the most

exciting raye for my whole entire life...