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what a boring day!!!

don't ask about that pic!!!
becoz since they let me watch
YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL,, i feel obsess witk this
cute LEE HONG KI....

now,, back to the topic..
seriously,, i'm getting boring now!!
no sis,, no danish,, and neither my parents
who are going to tisha's house
to give some visit to her father who have an accident
in work... no so bad lah~
i juz got a chat in skype juz now with syiera nash
but she go to eat for a while..
here,, i'm alone again!!!
blog,, bog,, blog,, you're so meaningful to me..
when ever i was said,, you always here
with me.. not like the other that
i need to dedicate song
WISH YOU WERE HERE by Avril Lavigne...
but they all people blog,,
not always here for me and so do when
i need them...
but i'm glad that you are not human,,
so you be here for me...
thanks blog,,
for the first time i apreciate you soo much..

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