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blogging vs vlogging..
okayh,, commonly that all of us is doing 
like what i do rite now which is called...........

okayh,, I'm saying about blogging okayh..

 and after watching few video from
i found something interesting about

yes,, i'm talking about vlogging next ..

see,, vlogging is much fun than blogging
but not much people able to do that
i bet for it okayh,, but i don't know if aed will do that..
if she wish to,, ask me to join kayh..
nay,, i'm not going to show off myself about somethin
but for me,, it totally look fun
okayh,, i'm not going to do it coz i know what people will think
maybe next year,, hecks~ like i dare...

maybe one day if i getting bored like
matluthfi and anwar hadi while i'm studying overseas
then i will do that,, hehe- i'm curios about that..
argh!!  it's look very fun !!!
i want to do that,, but how could i ??
never mind,, wait till i'm studying overseas
wait!! i forget about something
what about my novel?!!
i'm planning to write it soon in overseas
just like what Hlovate did..
gosh!! so many things to do besides study ...

never mind,, let the God decide it
and i juz need to getting through my present..
okayh,, see yeah!!
waiting for be a vlogger ,, yeah!!
like i dare ..