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bnde yg mmpu mebuatkan aq cdyh ..
sape ckp Scha Aye Jay org nyer tade psasaan
ade ke org cakap??
haha,, lntak lha yg penting mcm dlm sains
ade melting point and boiling point
melting point ue kire mcm point of sad and
boiling point anggap mcm point of happiness somebody ..

so,,adlh sye Syaza Izni Inarah Bt Ahmad Jais
whooa nme real seyh ..
d'cny aq nak tunjok dkat korg kngn silam aq
ceyh,, padhal baru taon lpaz
tp tapew,,
aq edit gmbo nyh bio nmpk antique


ape aq nak ckp pasal dyorg nyh
sume nyer aq dah tulis kat gmbo ue ...
i still believe with my
juz want the others to know..
forever in my heart and it's so hard to forget..

mcm2 aq blajo taon lepaz,,
aq start kenal diri aq sndiri and even my friends
aq pown blajo pasal love
it's quite hurt soo much but i do love the experience..
i love 2010 soo much and kind of
not  too love this year but 2011 teach me 
adventure that we must face in our life and i already learned it
so i won't get any probs soon,, huh??

okayh,, i guess that's all for now
and juz want to say
I never want to loose my S.G.G 2010
so please don't do something
that leading towards it,, i'm begging for it ..