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my choice...

 okayh,, now this is what this post all about..
well, it might be true that
i'm quiet further apart from my intention about english..
well there is some example ....

 hurm,, this is justin bieber and taylor lautner
i'm really had such a big crush
on both of them and i thought that will be only them
but i found this guy after PMR ..

his name is lee hong ki,,
now i totally crush on him from his cuteness..
at least he's not dissapointed me like
justin who have scandal with selena even mariah maybe..

how about this??
oh gosh,, i never betrayed this one kayh..
i've got two novel of this series
in english okay,, and i'm totally looking forward
this movie n might be watch with aed..

but,, i didn't say that i'm not looking
at other story at all..
for example,, i watch this korean drama..

that BOYS OVER FLOWER introduce me
to F4 and i watch it at school with my friend and guess
what,, i do love it soo much...
that's for giving this syira,, it's totally awesome..
it's kind on latest drama but not so
compare to B.O.F .. am i rite?? hahakz~
that story introduce by Kasu,, Yan ,, and Pasu
but the most credit give to Kasu
b'coz she brought the cd and we watch it..
ouh,, i found my hongki here as jeremy... so cute~

band?? group?? singing thing??
this is my favourite in english world..

it is PARAMORE !!

oh my gosh,,
this band is soo superb and great in vocal
great songs too,, but .....


i love this korean boy band too..
well,, b4 i love this group... i juz love the vocalist
lee hong ki ,, whish i told just now
but after observe their songs juz like what Pasu did
i love them not just him..
but he is the most... well, i must have fav rite..
bcoz of their great song
i make it my background music for this blog..

act,, i'm slightly further apart from
english bcoz i'm kind of afraid to freemason phenomenon
but not too worry,, 
about korea... i juz want to know both of them
juz like what Miley Cyrus said in H.M 
got the best of both world!!

kayh,, that's all from me..
see yeah ..