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Hana Yori Dango

hye,, ary nyh aq nak story pasal citer yg aq sbowk tgk nyh..
tak pernah tgk?!!! hurm,, nyh mzty minat k-drama je lebyh...
eh,, ade yg tahu? bgoz2....
papepown ny lh citer Hana Yori Dango

this is the real version of Boys Over Flower...
seriously aq ckp,, this Japanese version is the best lah...
hurm,, maybe F4 dy tak bpe hnsem mcm korean punyer
tp hero dy much better in attitude...
i like him and the girl much,, klu korg nak tgk
and judge sendiri lah citer ue....

klu nak tahu,, Boys over Flower ade 4 version...
Japan,, Taiwan,, China and Korea..
klu nak bace comic dy plak
that's all for my entry nyh.... enjoy it~

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