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back to normal
okay , what is the normal life that i'm talking about ? well, it's about what i'm used to be . but for this couple month , maybe almost half of year i realized eveything is not like before . and it's all about PHONE ! yes , phone makes everything begin . *english stop here
haha , aq tak lah pakai phone ni

okay , slaloo nyer phone aq yg byse2 jename samsung champ pink tu juz  digunakan utk call org2 penting such as tok masak (nenek aq), ucu and pak itam (makcik n pakcik aq) , parents aq , and family , sometimes call lah member2 jgak in case penting. besides aq gune utk texting tp tahun ni aq jarang texting sbb tade yg nak text aq . sampai aq kne pakse member aq text aq tiap2 hari mase school holiday sbb aq bosan sgt tak de yg nak text aq . hurm . tp something dah berlaku bile aq text someone yg i'm not wish to know at all .


start dgn msj tros jd kwn and klu cuty mzty msj dy . and few person lg lah , tp bile dah lme msj2 ni and since dah ade ramai member utk di mesej . so aq amek keputusan utk stop msj dgn dy ! hurm , tak lah stop spnoh nyer . maybe byk reasons yg aq ade tp yg paling penting aq nak save kedit sbb , family aq ni dah lah ade mslh duet . so aq tak nak bazerkan duet aq utk kredit mmndgkan slame ni aq tade masalah dgn kedit yg kekurangan . juz like what is said , aq dah pon 'back to normal ' .


*back to english . now i could sleep in harmony without thinking about credit of my phone.maybe you think , it just about prepaid , but for me it's a big matter . and i'm glad that i'm able to bring it back to normal. now , people text me nor i text them just in necessary case only . not for fun till i'm out of credit . well , every one have their own thing to do and we all have our own reason . so this my thing and this is my reason .


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