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Segment : My Favourite Post 2012
joining segmen again ? yeah , why . wanna join too , just CLICK THIS

segmen ni mintak kite cerite pasal post fav kite so ...... favourite post aq ialah .......  Contest : Saya Sayang Kamoo Sahabat .. hurm . knape aq suke pos ni ?? maybe tak byk pon org view , or comment or what .. TAPI , aq suke blog ni sbb dlm blog ni lah aq citer pasal kwn2 aq yg tersayang . 
aq sayang sgt dyorg tu sume , mcm2 bnde yg aq dah belajar drpd pershbtn dgn dyorg and aq tak pernah menyesal ade kwn mcm korg . korg lah The Best Ever Person I've ever Have . hope our friendship last till forever . Love you all friends a.k.a my 13 siblings ~

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