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my 1.3.13
long time not see yeah . got much thingd to do at school besides i've got no laptop at home so it's hard for me to online . pathetic right ? but the most pathetic thing is i was having cold coule days before that's so suck but i'm getting better so got no worry about that .


haha , nak share ckit ni . finally , berjaye jgak aq nak jadi english debater of my school . yeah !!!! maybe tade rezeki nak pergi symposium but debate is okay what . TAPI , kind of afraid jgak sbb mcm tak ade keyakinana diri je . haha . tp aq akan try sebaik mungkin . just wish me luck then ..... 


okay nak citer cikit pasal moment 1.3.13 aq . knape dgn tarikh tu ?? well , it's a special date for my fwenz and i . yg penting moment tu mmg best gilak . ok , malas nak citer something yg menyakitkan hati mase tarikh tu . haha . just nak share moment yg aq and dyorg sume lalui . 

bace doa semoge pershbtn dikekalkan

with the food

snapping moment of us . haha , the greeny !

moment paling best tgk bintang

hope knangan ni akan diingat smpai bile2 .. aq sayang korg semue
 friend is a gift to be appreciate
not a trash to be throw away
*so thanks for be a wonderful gift for me !

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