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we're still friends

it was a  really tough day . actually a tough 2 weeks for me ..  but I'm a strong enough to handle with all of this .. experience is totally the best teacher

p/s : ignore any grammatical mistakes , even shakespear did that why won't I ... 

so , what happened to me ?? well  , is it really necessary ? I don't think so .
the most important think is , what I learned from it . wasn't it ??
 *I become a better person now ..*
people always make mistakes ..btw I'm sorry bcs I done a lot of trouble to you , I'm such a terrible person . I know , right ... don't mind bout it . like I am so care to what others say bout me..

well , seems that everything need to be end . there's nothing else that we can tolerate about . I'll be fine with anything that you wish for . maybe it's enough for us , I don't want to hurt you anymore . seriously ..

yeah , we should stop . I always ask you too much for myself , it's time for me to grant your wish . hope you like it . as you wish~

dear you .  I'm still here , for you .. when you need me . we're friends , remember ?
I'm a big girl (matured) enough . everything that happened , just makes me become a better person day by day . so no big deal  bout that 

thanks for all those memory that we had been through together . I won't forget every second of it ..
you're such a great person . I hope that you'll be fine without me . 
never stop on reaching your dream , you can do it . I believe in you . aim high ! impossible is nothing ..
change for your own benefit . please don't ever make a wrong choice again

I'm begging you~

we used to be together . it might be hard for us to go separate way now . but please promise me that if one day you don't have anyone to rant on , I 'll be there for you - after Allah swt ..

you are not alone , as long I'm still alive . hehe