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20 facts about me !

this thing quite treding nowadays on Instagram . so I want to post here too . enjoy !

  1. do not ever see how I study , it's really scare for those you are not use to it
  2. my mom always said "orang cantik pakai ape pon cantik" . so I have my confidence to look pretty always
  3. I always follow whatever my said without realize it . such as , "mama tak suka lah citer ni , geli je tengok toyol2 ni" then I never that movie till now .
  4. I don't like to cook , but I learn to bake . but the only cake I can make is pavlova
  5. I love to help my friend who in trouble,till someday they become too much on my kindness
  6. easily to forgive others , but never forget
  7. sensitive when it comes to family thing
  8. money is not everything but without money you could not do anything
  9. people call me mean , yeah I don't mind bout that
  10. if I hate someone , I will totally hate them
  11. I'm not easily get along with new people , I'm afraid they do not understand me well
  12. my family called me 'mentel' when I was a kid
  13. I always determine to get what I want
  14. only care about something that important to me 
  15. kind of a relax person , even though I am busy that time
  16. I hate to see people that study soo hard , chillex lah ....
  17. trying to be a good person, if you not see it - why should I care
  18. I would like to be a novelist , but now it's hard for me to start writing
  19. I understand that life always not like what we want 
  20. so .. whatever that I do , I never look back and said the word 'regret' 
so that's all bout me . want to kow more ?? maybe next time