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hard to move on

last night , there is friend of mine asked me "how can you live out there without them?" .  at that time , I felt so touched with that question . then I replied , "it is hard to move on without them . we used to be together and to make us realize that we are separated now - it's so difficult" . at the end , I cried just because I miss them soo much

well . I know - it's already 9 months or more since the school ended . so all of us going separated way , no longer Thirteen all the time . my friend said , that I suppose to make a new friend - get a new life for myself . I tried , but it is not that easy to replace 12 friends that I used to be with since 15 years old . 

I miss them , soo badly . I might have new friends here but they will never ever be replace . thanks Allah for give them to me , they're such a precious gift from you . Alhamdulillah ...