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another semester

it's already my second week of my first semester for my 2nd year for foundation here in iium. this semester might be bit difference from before . as every semester we will change to different room , for this semester i've got such a small room compared to previous spacious room . but life's do have its own pros and cons. i might have such a small room but fortunately the wifi is right in front of my room - so i can easily connected to it. such blessed.

ouh as we've got new room so we do have new roommates. it's such nice to have new roommates as i already know one of them and i guess this semester i can get along well with my roommates. isn't it a good start, huh? finally i can find my own happiness and joy in my room within my friends .

even though my room is small , it's okay . i can stand with it . cs everything is just enough for me now.
thank you .