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my new anthem

hey ya! remember last night i posted about BigBang's new song entitled Let's Not Fall In Love , so tonight I would like to share something regarding this song .

based on the translation that I read, simply you guys could understand that this song is about someone who's liking someone but he just not dare to fall in love or being in relationship as he doesn't want that girl to get hurt one day .

when I told my friend, how I feel touched to this song and almost cry to it - she just don't get it *sigh* . I felt so touched cause that paranoid guy who afraid of fall in love - just like me . 

I do have someone that I like before, but I do prefer to remain as friend than proceed into a serious relationship. why? the song already said how that person feel scared for what will happened soon. if you can be such a wonderful friendship, why risk yourself into a relationship? I'm afraid of being heart broken again and again. I just want to live happy as I am.

I'm so not ready to give or be part of someone yet. I do have lots of things to do by the time. when the time comes, I will get into a relationship . it just not now .