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I am such a selfish friend
It's been almost 3 years since I left school's life. being far away from friends that I used to. being separated indeed such hurt, it takes time to move on from that 'missing them so much' feeling. up until now I do still missing them, still making lots of effort to meet them or at least in contact with them. cause I believe that friends do care for each other. and I just try my all best to be such a great friend to them.

friends, snow, and winter image

but indeed somehow being separated is a need. you'll be able to see who's gonna stay, and who's gonna be someone new or be with someone new. time makes you change. good or bad, it is all up to you. and you're big enough to differentiate between both of them.

the matter is I do feel so tired now. feel empty. feel unwanted, feel lonely. 

the word 'busy' sounds such cliche to my ears. they keep telling me how life's changing now. priority is more to study - I understand that well as I'm a student too. it's so hard for me to reach them during lecturer time, but they need time for their own during free time.

now tell me when will you make your time for me? 

mountains, alone, and photography image

I know, I do sound and look selfish right now. but can't I? 

can you tell me, who that one person you seek for during your hard time? 

wasn't I am the one who always be there by your side? being care all of this time? 

I don't ask much. Just hoping that you guys won't go away. Hoping that this wonderful friendship that we have since 2011 won't ever fade away. I pray for your happiness, may your life been better day by day even without me.

sorry if you found that I've changed now. if you ask me why? probably the answer is 'because of YOU'