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got me headache

have you ever think about one thing too much till it gives you such a headache? well I do, this few days after the interview session. lots of thing that I've been thinking of. 

"should I stay on Science course?"
"do I really want to do this for the rest of my life?"
"I don't want to go to Kuantan. IIUM Gombak suits me more"
"why changing course is so complicated"

all of above are just part of my thoughts, my DEEP thoughts. I just thinking that I really want to quit this Science path. enough of all of this misery that I had been through for almost two years since the day I entered CFS IIUM. I should not torture myself anymore. It's my life.

I went to ODDSP yesterday and they said that it is true there's course of Education which is open to all Arts and Science students. but the problem is when I asked her 'do I need to extend my semester for this course?' , then she said that she don't know. I need to go to the briefing next week.

people said that if I don't like Science, then just change the course. they do not know that it is impossible to change course at the final semester of final year. besides, if a Science student changes to Arts course, that person need to extend few semester. we need to learn that particular course's subjects before proceed to degree. that's so a big problem for me. I can't stand any longer in foundation, I need to proceed to degree like the others.

well I really need to go to that briefing first, then I can decide what to do with my life. I have lots of reasons to leave Science but I just can't due to all of this circumstances. 

hoping that this problem will resolve very soon cause I am so tired of thinking and having a headache. #PrayForScha