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so here's the part 2

the fanmeeting started with the MC introducing herself. then after that our BIGBANG came out after the montage video. and all of us shout out loud when we see them. eventhough my seat quite far from stage but still I tried my best to look at them on stage instead of on screen.

so the fanmeeting divided to two parts. first game time, which took bout one hour. too bad there's no such lucky fans been taking on stage like the other country. feel so sad for the members cause could not playing and interact with the fans.

after playing 3 games, then they proceed to the second part which is performance stage. well I'm not going to tell detail bout the songlist. here's I provided you with full video of the fanmeeting, but this is not mine. credit to respectful person.

at the end of the fanmeeting, we planned to have the en-encore but that fan project not succeed. well we understand that, they might tired enough since the next day they'll going to Singapore.

about 10pm, I just straight away heading to train station and arrived at Universiti Malaya almost 11pm. and Didi already waited me at her college compound. I am so tired at that time, so after took shower and tidy up my stuff I just lying on bed scrolling on my recording videos and audios before I go to sleep.

so overall, the fanmeeting was awesome. I have such a great experience. but compared to MADE VIP TOUR IN SINGAPORE, well it's quite different more fun there more fanservices there. however, there's nothing that I could do since Malaysia is this kind of country. just accept it fellas. just that I planned to go to Singapore for the next event with Syam soon.

that's all my #MADEVIPTOURinMY story. and it's time to say goodbye. and if you guys interested to see my videos from this event, you can't visit my 20161001 #MADEVIPTOURinMY Youtube playlist. see you on the next event. Annyeong !

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