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Hello everyone so it's the D-Day of the fanmeeting. so for this first part, lemme tell you what happened before the fanmeeting start and the second part I will tell you about the fanmeeting onwards.

so on 1st Oct 2016, I took bus from Kuantan to TBS. and I arrived at TBS about 2pm, then straight away took KLIA Transit to KL Sentral. from KL Sentral, I took monorail to Maharajalela Station and yeah Stadium Merdeka just right in front of the station.

once I arrived, I just straight away went in the stadium area. well I thought they will such lots of booth there, unfrtunately there's not much except for IME, merchandise booth, 100PLUS and MAGGI booth. seriously quite boring since I am so lonely came all by myself. I was there since 3pm untill 5pm when people start to queue for entrance.

while I'm queueing, I met 2 new friends a.k.a VIPs there. but the other one going for VIP zone while the other one same CAT3 (UPPER) just like me. and found out that we're both from Pahang and came all the way to KL alone.

the main entrance open at 6pm, however bout 530pm it's start raining (not heavily) so most of us wearing rain coat that been given by the organizer but that raincoat so low in quality and easily broken tho. fortunately it's not raining for a long time, so I can took of that rain coat.

at 6pm, the queue start to move slowly and I managed to enter that stadium bout 630pm. we're so excited once we entered that stadium since both of us never been to any BIGBANG concert before, so yeah first timer will be so excited then.


after took some pictures,I really need to rush at that time cause I need to find surau in that stadium for Asr prayer and stay until Maghrib prayer. luckily that surau quite spacious so I can pray with such peace.

so after done with solat just straight away go to my seat, we planned to sit together but we need to separate since everyone have their own seat. before the fanmeeting start, they just played BIGBANG and member's solo mv. when the night fall, the golden ocean can be seen clearly and it's so beautiful.

so let's continue the story in PART 2
and you can visit my previous post for the ticket story HERE

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